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Scheduling an appointment couldnt be easier using this website. I've provided a way for all to see my availibility and or schedule an appointment. You can proprose multiple times and dates; request specific meeting locations, time or method.

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I find it important to be social; this is how i keep in touch with the world; finding out what the latest trends and technology are being bought and discussed; so i can support them better. Knowledge can come from many sources.. OKay yeah im having some fun talking to stranger even though mom said not to.

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Getting in touch with us is a breeze, or should i say a click. We still invite you to get in touch with us via traditional methods using the number (888) 488-4487; but as a convienience we have provided a way for you to have us call you at any desired time toll free. Give us a ring or have our people call your people.

Thanks again for visiting! Please make sure to explore the website to find out more about Kenny Wright!

On this site you will find a brief biography and more information on my past and current experiences. Take time to explore the site! You'll find my contact information, business information, resume and other information that i hope helps me find employment.

Thanks for visiting my website! Here you will find information about me; Kenny Wright of Brooklyn, NY. I'm a Technology Enthusiast at heart and Computer Technician by trade, Enjoying the challenges various companies throw my way. With my abilities to troubleshoot and assess situations in a professional, confident and rapid manner. I've been able to assist many with their Information Technology needs. Please explore this website to find out more about me.

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"You've help illeviate the fustrations that technology has causes thoughtout the office, it's been great having you"

Fabieanne Reid

"...Definetly has the technical experience, knowledge and background to handle many tasks needed by businesses..."

Sean Glynn


"We did't know what real technical support was until you came onboard"


Time is Money

Why choose Kenny Wright?

When good judgements comes from experience; experiences comes with bad judgments. I have worked with many companies that made bad judgements (okay yes i've made some myself ) and have assisted in correcting them and making techonlogy work for them.

Dont waste money on peopel with little experience; the time they use to figure out whats wrong is the more money you spend. My knowledge spans to different areas; take time to read my resume and client list for more info.

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